Monthly Archives: January 2017

All about the Holy Family Chapter of the Order of St Benedict

We are pleased to welcome the Benedictine Oblate community of the Holy Family to our Parish. Begun in November 2015, we are growing both numerically and spiritually.

We meet monthly at Christ the King every first Saturday, beginning with Liturgy at 9 am, followed by our meeting in Parish Hall. You do not need to be Orthodox to visit or join the Holy Family Chapter – we welcome Christians of all faith backgrounds. If you are looking to grow your prayer and faith life and strengthen your relationship with God, please take a moment to visit our web site, and feel free to contact us for further information:

“Benedict’s way is the way of Christ, who welcomed without distinction and set before people a vision of what they might become.” (Elizabeth Canham)

Here we all are! (UPDATE: as of September 1, 2017, I am no longer participating as an Oblate….I felt like a square peg. But I still participate in the monthly Liturgy.)