Sub Deacon Dan is now Deacon Daniel

Today, May 1, 2018, my husband was elevated to the sacred order of Deacons, at the ROCOR Synod in New York City. I’ve added a page of photographs.

All about the Holy Family Chapter of the Order of St Benedict

We are pleased to welcome the Benedictine Oblate community of the Holy Family to our Parish. Begun in November 2015, we are growing both numerically and spiritually.

We meet monthly at Christ the King every first Saturday, beginning with Liturgy at 9 am, followed by our meeting in Parish Hall. You do not need to be Orthodox to visit or join the Holy Family Chapter – we welcome Christians of all faith backgrounds. If you are looking to grow your prayer and faith life and strengthen your relationship with God, please take a moment to visit our web site, and feel free to contact us for further information:

“Benedict’s way is the way of Christ, who welcomed without distinction and set before people a vision of what they might become.” (Elizabeth Canham)

Here we all are! (UPDATE: as of September 1, 2017, I am no longer participating as an Oblate….I felt like a square peg. But I still participate in the monthly Liturgy.)


Miscellaneous Parish News

In an effort to keep things clear, some personnel changes in our Parish are explained below.

Fr. Andrew Gomez and his family have moved to Florida and he has been reassigned. We will miss them all terribly, but wish them all of the best and hope to see them whenever possible.

Fr. Daniel Austin Francis was ordained into the Orthodox Priesthood by Metropolitan Hilarion at the Synod in New York City on Friday, September 9, 2016. Fr. Daniel (formerly known as Fr. Austin) was ordained in the RC Church but left Rome for personal reasons. We welcome Fr. Daniel, his wife Kushnood, and their daughter Faith to our Parish family at Christ the King!

Deacon John has renounced his Holy Orders and has left the Orthodox Church for personal reasons. We wish him all of the best in his future endeavors.

Sub-Deacon Daniel is planning to begin study to be ordained into the Diaconate. Please keep him in your prayers.

A little about my journey to Orthodoxy

I have been on a remarkable journey to Orthodoxy. I am the eldest daughter of two lapsed Roman Catholics, who left Rome for Protestantism before I was born.  I was raised in the Presbyterian Church USA. When in college, I had a “born-again Christian” roommate, who told me about the plan of salvation — which was the first time I had ever heard such a thing.

I continued to go about my life, even though I made that verbal confession of faith in Jesus Christ. The Lord was merciful to me — He never took from me the ability to understand the Scriptures, even though I continued in my sin and rebellion.

At Easter, 1990, I found myself at a Passion Play at an Assemblies of God, at which time I renewed my commitment to Christ.  I attended faithfully for 5 years.  I then met the man who would become my future husband. This man had been raised in this location; however due to poor choices in his past, he was not treated very nicely when he started to attend regular services again. This made me angry, because I could not reconcile how these same people who would wax poetic about the greatness of God in changing Saul into the Apostle Paul seemed to believe that this same God could not change my husband.  We left that church, and began attending our local C.E.C. Parish, the Rector of which was a personal friend, and spiritual Father to me.

Through the course of the next 10 years or so, we came to realize at our Parish in the CEC that the CEC was, basically, corrupt. At that time, our Rector began taking steps to move the Parish into Orthodoxy, and in 2010 we were received into the ROCOR as a Western Rite Parish.

I am proud to be Orthodox. I embrace Orthodox thought, and I endeavor to pray for those who choose to remain ignorant of the Truth in it. Sometimes, I am successful. Sometimes, I have been vilified for it. I have lost long time friends over speaking the Truth about Orthodoxy and the teachings of the Apostles. Some of those people are long term Protestants, some are so-called “pastors”. In all cases, I am of the opinion that it is their pride getting in the way, and allowing their feelings of discomfort to manifest themselves as anger toward me. Just yesterday, I was called a “sanctimonious egomaniac” by a woman who is a Pastor with the PCUSA.

I am willing to be called names for preaching the truth of Orthodoxy.

Fr. Deacon John Pachucki’s Ordination to the Diaconate

Fr. Deacon John was ordained to the Diaconate on Thursday, June 18, 2015 at the Synod in New York City!



I’m not very good at this

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2+ years later, and I’m just now noticing that I never updated this first entry.

I stink at blogging.